Do you have a huawei or Alcatel USB modem or mifi device ? Are you locked to one carrier and you want to be free of restrictions ??  Just drop your imei number in the comment section and have your unlock codes given to you in minutes …please like our page to support our good work thanks you

Please click here on this link to calculate your huawei unlocks  huawei 

Please if you have an Alcatel device please submit it in the comment section and have the code delivered in minutes




  1. Hello Please help me with the following Unlock code. I will appreciate greatly.
    1. 864482021284000
    2. 864482022179795

    Thank you

  2. woooow …. gr8 page …. would please want you to help me with d code for ma surfline … Y858 … IMEI .. 357298061133459

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