​itel Ghana today started a new competition to keep them in touch with their numerous fans in Ghana .This is a screen shot from their Facebook official account.

These are the instructions to follow 

#SnapTheBestSideFaceOfYou to win awesome S11!!!!                                      

Do you have perfect side face? Are you ready for the prize? Do as my guide below. 

1.Take the picture of your “S”ide face and upload it in comments;

2.@one friend in your comment area and invite him/her to upload his “S”ide face below your comment. 

3.Encourage your friend to @one friend of him and continue to upload his side face in the same comment building up a sequence;

3.TOP 1 FAN with the longest sequence line of side face photos in his comment area will win a #S11 for free!!!!!!!

And the other 10 fans will be able to get a free selfie stick(The sequence line of ”S”ide Face is required to reach at least 11 photos)                                           

 Come on! Seize the chance to enjoy and win!!

Go to their Facebook page, like it and  take part and stand a chance to win the new s11 



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