As we draw nearer to Christmas there will be lots of promos from various brands but the one to look out for is the Infinix xmas share2win promo which promises to be fun filled and with lots of goodies to be won.The promo will be a one week event with different products up for grabs on daily basis ,goodies to won include phones, selfie sticks,headphones and other interesting stuff,the promo kickstarts from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd .To take part in this promo just go to their official Facebook page ,like it and follow these simple steps and stand the chance of wining .

This is the official Infinixgh Facebook page

Follow these steps and stand a chance to win big ..

INFINIX Xmas share2win promo 

Duration : Mon 19th- Friday 23rd December 2016

1.everyday one INFINIX product will be put on our facebook page with its price 

Fans will be asked to share that post. Every single facebook share reduces the price of the product by 0.5ghc. 

Last person to share at 0.00ghc wins the product displayed 

2.product that will be displayed the next day is higher in terms of value as compared to the previous day
Pictures of some of the goodies to be won 

Let me give you a tip on how to win easily, like the page, share it tag a friend to also do same who should also get another friend to do same, more like a collaborative effort.Keep the date marked on your calendar , get your data bundle on that day and start sharing and  win.



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