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Open Foundation West Africa, a Non-Governmental Organization that seeks to spread Open Movement activities in Africa is spearheading a project to publish information on notable Ghanaians on the free online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia.

The Wiki Loves Women project is a content creation intervention funded by the Goethe-Institut aimed at improving and increasing content about women by women on Wikipedia to make them available globally. The project also includes training of new and existing female editors to increase content about women.

Wiki Loves Women is being implemented in four countries across the West African sub-region, including Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon and Cote d’Ivoire with 35 content organisations, over 60 contributors, more than 1000 articles created/edited and photos uploaded worldwide.

So far over 80 new articles have been created on notable Ghanaian women and female centered institutions have been created on Wikipedia as part of the program with about a 100 existing articles improved upon.

In an interview with TechLifeGhana, Raphael Berchie, Ghana Wikipedian in Residence (Co-founder and Project Lead at Open Foundation West Africa) described the initiative as a timely intervention.

“Wiki Loves Women is a timely project although it’s long overdue to represent the

underrepresented Ghanaian and African women on Wikipedia”

With the project expected to end in March, the Ghanaian team is set to organize more events, reach out to more women through partnerships ands Social Media campaigns.

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