Every cell phone user craves and demands for an update to the newest operating system and it is also a way of keeping your customers happy if you are  brand, with this information and infinix’s love for their loyal fans and customers they released a timeline for all devices which will be able to access the android N  update .Infinix has been doing great in that aspect, unlike its other competitors in the budget phone area;  that will just give you a device and won’t even care about the operating system.

Here is the statement from them and the timeline given for each model.

Dear Infinix Fans

Here we proudly pronounce that Infinix as symbol of Fast,Stylish and Technical Super smart phone brand , providing the latest system for fans to experience is always one of our most important commissions . Below are the plans for All available Models from  Marshmallow  to Nougat .

Zero 4   From M to N :  End of April
Note3    From M to N :  End of April

Zero 4 Plus   
Beta 1:  25th Of May
Beta 2: 15th  Of June
GM : 15th Of July

Hot S
TBD updating soon

Hot4 3G(16+2)
Beta 1:  30th Of April
Beta 2: 20th Of May
GM : 5th of June

Hot4 Pro 4G(16+2)
Beta 1: 30th Of May
Beta 2:  20th Of June
GM : 20th of July

Best Wishes
Infinix RD team
The future is now

Here are some features that  come with the new update.


2.Notification direct reply

3.Notification control

4.Display size

5.Quick switch between Apps



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