Have you ever thought about what happens to your facebook account after you die ? well don’t worry anymore, facebook since 2015 legacy features that allows nominated person to either shutdown or memoralise the account. This task is done once the Facebook is officially notified of the owner’s death.When your account is Memoralised, it becomes frozen and only visible to the people in the owner’s friend list and also after the account is memoralised nothing can be deleted or posted from the page.

Now Facebook has changed this, and allows users to nominate a legacy contact who can have access to the account after the death of user is notified. However the legacy contact will have limited access to the account.They can pin a memorial message to the front page of the account. They can also grant a funeral details and can download personal data such as photos, friend lists and videos.So now you know what happens to your facebook account when you die, if you like this article you can share it or like our facebook account.





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