This is the news android lovers hate to hear but sadly it is true iphone 7 is the best selling device as of this quarter, both iphone 7 and 7 plus brushed aside samsung s8 and s8 plus to be first and second place leaving the third,fourth and fifth place for samsung and Xiaomi.

iphone 7 and 7 plus

The data was compiled by Strategic Analytics, a research and data analysis group which released a report detailing the best-selling smartphones of 2017’s second quarter.

s8 and s8 plus

Overall, 360.4 million smartphone units were sold worldwide.Apple’s iPhone 7 took the top spot having sold 16.9 million units worldwide with a market share of 4.7%. In the second spot was iPhone 7 Plus with 15.1 million sales and a 4.2% market share.


Samsung Galaxy S8
clinched the spot for the best-selling Android smartphone, despite being 6.7 million behind iPhone 7 in terms of unit sales. Galaxy S8+ was not far behind with 9 million in sales. An interesting thing to note here is that, even though Samsung is top smartphone manufacturer in the world right now, it could not beat Apple in terms of sales for its flagship phone for 2017.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A has also crept into the top 5 with its Redmi 4A selling 5.5 million units worldwide.




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