Some weeks ago, the rumour mill buzzed about TECNO launching a bezel-less phone and it looks like it’s going to come from the Camon line. With the assertions and leaked images coming from tipsters about TECNO’s first full screen smartphone, we should expect something special from them.

For some years now, TECNO has not disappointed in delivery, as they have consistently launched several top-of-the-line smartphones from the Phantom series to the Camon series and  the L series and as already reported, this new device is coming from the Camon brand and is rumoured to be called the TECNO CAMON CM- amazing right!

The African smartphone power house, is definitely not resting on its laurels as information coming from several sources indicates that they have something special cooking and this device will not only continue to boost the selfie love trend but will make people get more than they would normally get in taking their regular selfies.

The CAMON line of TECNO phones have been known to focus on cameras, and hopefully this new phone, when it becomes available, will give users really good cameras.

Interestingly, some very reliable industry analysts have been able to confirm the full meaning of the abbreviation “CM” as C-More which literally means to See More.

Looks like we would be seeing more of screen and photography from the above meaning but for now, I guess we should reserve our judgment and wait to see what happens in the next few days. But one thing is certain, as it has been in their recent style, TECNO will surely surprise its fans.

There is no confirmed date for which this rumoured handset would be unveiled in Ghana but it would definitely be in the month of January and would be flaunting a massive screen of between 5-6-inch Full Screen.



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