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How to Root the Infinix Zero 5 x603

The Infinix Zero 5 (X603) is the latest flagship model device from Infinix Mobility. It sports a Helio P25 processor, 6GB of RAM, and 12MP+13MP rear dual cameras. Owners of this device may be wondering “how to root the Infinix Zero 5?” Techlifeghana has you covered.

Because the Infinix Zero 5 is a Mediatek-based device, rooting it is a fairly simple process. Just follow the simple guide below, and use the comments if you encounter any difficulties.


How to Unlock the Infinix Zero 5 Bootloader 

Note: This is only required if your Infinix Zero 5 came with a locked bootloader, such as from certain telecoms – if your Infinix Zero 5 is already unlocked, you can go ahead and skip to the next part of this guide. 

Warning: Unlocking your bootloader will perform a factory reset on your device, please backup all of your important data before proceeding. 

  1. Go to Settings > About Phone > tap on Build Number 7 times, until Developer Mode is activated.
  2. Now go to Settings > Developer Options > Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking.
  3. Connect your Infinix Zero 5 to your PC via USB, and accept the ADB pairing dialogue on your phone’s screen.
  4. Go into the main folder of your ADB installation, hold Shift + right click, and select “Open a Command Window Here”.
  5.  In the ADB command window, type the following command: adb devices
  6. If the ADB connection is successfully recognized, the console will display your Infinix Zero 5’s serial number. If not, you may need to troubleshoot your ADB installation or USB connection.
  7. If the connection was recognized, go ahead and type into the ADB window: adb reboot bootloader
  8.  This will reboot your Infinix Zero 5 to the bootloader menu – from here, type into the ADB console: fastboot oem unlock
  9.  Now just follow the on-screen instructions on your phone to unlock the bootloader. When its complete, you can hold the Power button for about 10 seconds to initiate a reboot to the Android system.

How to Flash TWRP and Root the Infinix Zero 5 

  1. Download the TWRP and Magisk files from the Requirements section of this guide.
  2. Place the TWRP .img file inside the main directory of your ADB installation, and copy the Magisk .zip file to your phone’s external SD card.
  3. While your Infinix Zero 5 is connected to your PC via USB, launch a new ADB command window.
  4. Now type into the ADB command window: fastboot flash recovery TWRP_recovery.img
  5.  After it successfully flashes TWRP, type into the ADB window: fastboot reboot recovery
  6. Your Infinix Zero 5 should now reboot into TWRP recovery. It will most likely ask for a password due to phone encryption – just cancel it and swipe to allow /system modifications.
  7. Important: Before proceeding, you should go to Backup > Boot.Img, so you will always have a copy of your un-rooted boot.img and you can flash OTA .zip files at a later date, without needing to hunt for a compatible stock boot .img for your Infinix Zero 5 through the internet.
  8. From the TWRP main menu, go to Flash > SD Card > choose the Magisk .zip you transferred earlier. Swipe right to flash it.
  9. After Magisk has been flashed (it will root your phone and also disable DM-verity and forced encryption), go to TWRP main menu > Wipe > Advanced Wipe > Format Data in F2FS FORMAT!! If you format your data as Ext4, you will experience bootloops to recovery.
  10. Once your data has been formatted, you can now Reboot to Recovery, and your storage will be mounted. You can now reboot to Android system, and enjoy your newly rooted Infinix Zero 5!

How to Flash OTA Updates on Rooted Infinix Zero 5

 After rooting your device, you will not be able to download and install OTA updates via the Update manager in the Android Settings menu. You will need to manually flash OTA .zip files through TWRP, then go through the process of rooting your phone again.

When OTA updates are released through the Update manager, you have the choice of downloading them as a .zip file, rather than automatically upgrading your phone.

  1. Download the OTA .zip, and it will be found in Root/cache/ and also Root/data/data/
  2.  Copy the file to your SD card, then reboot to TWRP Recovery.
  3. Now you need to flash a stock boot.img as I told you in the rooting section of this guide – if you did not create a backup of yours, you will need to download the official Infinix Zero 5 stock ROM and extract the boot.img from the .zip file, copy it to your SD card, and flash it through TWRP.
  4. Once you have flashed the stock boot.img, you may now proceed to flash the OTA Do not reboot your phone after this – you will corrupt your /system.
  5.  At this point you should create another backup of the stock boot.img, and then flash the to root your Infinix Zero 5 (if you wish to be rooted again).
  6. You can now reboot to the Android system and enjoy your latest Android version on your Infinix Zero 5!

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