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Six years after its introduction, the Apple Maps app is now starting to collect its own data, with a fleet of vehicles equipped with cameras and LIDARs flooding the streets of California to take their own view on things, instead of relying on third-party mapping data.

Apple is pouring a lot more resources (and thinking) into improving it so that it is now perfectly usable for your day-to-day navigation purposes but that’s still six years behind Google who has being updating their maps regularly to still better them. Looking for a restaurant on a Sunday afternoon? Google Maps.Need direction to a unknown place? Google Maps, even Iphone users still download and use Google Maps as their default navigation app.

You catch the drift, but Google Maps is still way ahead of Apple in the navigation game, and the latest user survey comes to prove it. Market researchers from the Manifest took the two apps to task, and asked around to see which one is more popular and why. It turns around that Google Maps plus Waze (again Google-owned) hold a vast 79% usage share, followed by Apple Maps with 11% and all car riding app all use Google Maps.

When asked why they prefer their first navigation choices, the respondents cited a litany of features that Google does better, such as clearer directions, more useful features, better interface, bike and pedestrian options and so on, outgunning Apple Maps in almost every important category imaginable. If you have never used Apple Maps, and wonder how much better the mapping and directions could be, just get an Apple device and try it out.



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