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Somewhere last year Hotwav was the craze for many Ghanaians  who wanted to buy  a cheap smartphone  with purported decent specifications and nice aesthetic look.

Hotwav phones have devices looking like carbon copies of Samsung and apple devices, which makes them appealing to people who want to own an apple or Samsung device but cannot really afford them. The question most people fail to ask is, do they really live up to expectations ?

Majority of the people i have come across who have bought hotwav phones have two major issues;

  1. specifications do not match actual phone specifications ( fake specifications )
  2. Performance issues.


All Hotwav Brands Of Phone Have Wrong Features Ranging From Camera,Ram And ROM size,battery life, Network capabilities especially LTE or 4G Network!

Even If You Go To Settings On That Phone You Will Still Find The Wrong Features There!

Apps like When Like “Device Info, Phone Info Plus,etc, gives you the exact features of the phone , revealing that indeed you did get yourself a nice smartphone but what you didn’t bargain for was the incorrect or in this case fake specifications on it!

Whilst I Advice You( I don’t even know why i am advising you to buy  it ) That You Can Buy A Hotwav Phone Remember The Features Are All Not Correct!

Hotwav Cosmos V23 Actually Have The Following Features


ROM – 16 GB

Front Camera- 2 MP

Battery-2050 mAh

No 4G Network

Instead of


ROM- 32 GB

Front Camera – 5 MP

Battery- 3000 mAh

4G Network

As advertised! As I Think About It,I Ask Myself This Question.

Why Would A New Company Soil It’s Reputation Like That?


Almost anyone who has bought a Hotwav phone has complaints about the device performance; from lagging, freezing and other performance related issues which i am not surprised because to begin with, the phone has fake specifications so basically performance related issues is next to be expected . i am still lost to how a company can deceive people with these specifications and actually get away with it or is that that Ghanaians love cheap things and are silent complainers ?

Why Would A New Company Soil It’s Reputation Like That? Or is it a case of making money at the expense of the customer or something else ?

If you have ever bought a hotwav device you can share your experience with us in the comment section

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