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A Laptop! Our second most favourite gadget aside our phones. They usually have  sufficient battery power to last for a stipulated number of hours and as a result  are used for our daily work or plainly for entertainment purposes.

How then do we prolong the batteries to keep them working for a long time?

Older generation of laptops didn’t have strong batteries as compared to the new ones. Even with that in place we still have to maintain and preserve these batteries to prolong their lifespan.

Here are 5 ways to make your battery live longer than methuselah! -just kidding but basically these 5 tips would prolong and keep your battery.

Activate the Battery’s eco use or battery saver: 

This is one of the things i do immediately my battery is full and i unplug the charger. I used to do this mainly for entertainment purposes but i have gradually inculcated it during work hours and guess what it works!

Clean air vents often: 

Blocked and stuffy nose makes us uncomfortable and almost feels like we actually have a volcano inside of us. Guess what? so does our laptops. Laptops with blocked air vents might generate more heats which might reduce battery life. the best thing to do is to clean the air vents regularly in order to keep operating temperatures low.

Turn off processes and apps not in use:

Aren’t we all culprits? we open so many pages on the web and open tons of applications especially when you  do a lot of multitasking like I do. Inasmuch as you might want to finish a couple of things all at once, you might have to think about the welfare of your battery as well.

Battery Backup:

 Very Important! you need to have a backup battery on you every time. this reduces the load on the battery.

Hibernate or Shut down when not in use:

A lot of us fault at this. we simply close the laptop when no longer in use but i’m sorry to announce that simply closing the laptop doesnt mean it is off, it still runs in the background. It’s always advisable to hibernate or completely shut down when the device would not be in use for a couple of hours.

Now you have no excuse to prolong your battery life with these 5 simple tips.

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