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A new startup company, FARASSI is launching its operations in Ghana this month. Farassi operates an App which focuses on a service that allows its members/users to bargain fares/prices and Service Providers, i.e., Drivers, Motorbike riders etc. to negotiate prices for delivery of goods and services including but not limited to pick-up and drop-off of passengers and/or movable items.


The vision is to create a network transportation marketplace, that allows people to search for the lowest bidder to complete a pickup and or delivery. The Farassi service allows its members to e-bargain or e-negotiate prices when requesting a pickup and or delivery of almost anything. The delivery could be done via a saloon car, minivan, motorbike, bicycle, water tanker and trucks. Also included is the messenger/runner service called Farassi CoCu (Community Couriers) who receive requests from people within the community to pick items, example, food, flowers etc. and deliver to a destination by foot, bicycle, motorbike or car.


The Farassi solution is specifically designed for a market where it is the norm for one to haggle or negotiate prices during a business transaction. The opportunity for a person to state the price s/he is willing to pay during the barging process is an African art that dates back many centuries. Farassi has digitized this cultural practice and experience through an App and a web‐based system to give an edge to both parties in the transaction.

The objective of this startup is to revolutionize the movement of people and or items/goods within major cities and towns in Africa and North America. The App currently supports an Android OS with the iOS version in its final stage of development.


All one needs to become a Farassi SP, is to download the Farassi Solution Provider App from Google Play Store, create an account and wait for verification and activation. All you need to become a CoCu is a cellphone and drive to earn money at your leisure time.


Becoming a Farassi member or user is easy. Follow the steps below

  1. Download the App from Google Play store
  2. Open the Farassi App and create an account
  3. Let Farassi know your pick-up and drop off locations
  4. Enter Pick-Up time if you desire to schedule the booking
  5. The AMOUNT you are willing to pay or bargain for
  6. Now relax and wait for the Farassi Magic

The User and Service Provider Apps are on Google Play Store. See links below

User App

Service Provider App

To find out more about Farassi, visit

Social Media Links:




Links to Download Apps

Service Provider App:  (

User App:   (


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