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“The beauty of Bakor nation must be redefined  in grand style” says Kingsley Agbor, the organiser of Face of Bakor Nation Beauty Pageant/Bakor Pillars and Legends Award.

The award winning creative writer and CEO, Soultide Media has unearthed the boiling of his heart concerning the Bakor nation and this geared the reason to expose the beauty of Bakor nation to the world through the forthcoming Face of Bakor Nation Beauty Pageant/Bakor Pillars and Legends Award.
Kingsley Agbor noted that the pageantry is not the focus but to have a face for the Bakor people while measuring with intelligence, creativity, hard work, entrepreneurship, academic excellence and independence in the Bakorians. “We are out to expose and export great Bakorians who are impacting the world” he said. But we have to make use of the trend to achieve this Kingsley added.

AGBOR noted that the event is proposed to boost the region socially, economically, politically and mentally thereby projecting not only the youths but make the world know that the people and the notable values and rich cultural heritage that is capable of attracting tourists to the land.

Agbor added that all hands must be on deck to achieve this mission and he called on sons and daughters of the Bakor nation to support the event vigorously to ensure that Bakor beauty is seen and her voice is heard globally.

He also said that the highlights of this year’s event include; inter school competition cutting across all Bakor nations, nominations and voting awardees, display of Bakor traditions and dance, profiling of successful Bakorians and more.

The tentative date for the event is 13th – 15th September, 2019 and the venue will be communicated soon Kingsley said.

Kingsley shared that according to Bakor anthropologists, Bakorians are part of the Niger Congo family and are related to the Efik people, Kasem, Gban and the part of the Niger Congo family. It is claimed that the language is quite similar to Bantu as well, Kingsley added.

The Bakor nations are the group of energetic that is part of the Ejagham subgroups and is further divided into nine clan namely Abanyum, Ekajuk, Nde, Nta, Nselle, Nkim, Nkum, Nnam, and the Ofutop who recently identified herself with the great people of Bakor.

He concluded by saying this is our collective baby, let us nurture it together.

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