E-learning or “electronic learning” is an umbrella term that describes education using electronic devices and digital media. The Future Is E-Learning Indeed!

Scope Of E-Learning

In a broader perspective, it may include non-certified, non-interactive, non-professional people sharing their skills and educating people of what they know of over the Internet like things you learn from Youtube or Google!

However, if we precisely talk about E-learning then it refers to access the educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom.  In most cases, it is a course, program or degree delivered completely online. It is interactive as you can communicate with your professors or other students. Maybe delivered live, where you can “electronically” raise your hand and interact in real time or sometimes it has been prerecorded. But There is always a teacher communicating with you and grading your participation, assignments, and tests.

Advantages Of E-Learning

You will already be aware of the infinite advantages of E-learning! But to freshen it up a few are listed below

No Travelling Cost

whether it be your time, energy or money all are saved through E-Learning. You are able to learn from the comfort of your home. Available 24/7.


Infinite options and professors are available to choose from. One is able to educate themselves with whatever they wish for irrespective of the boundness they face in a university or college. They may opt. for their passion or career-related courses or both at once!

Personality And Portfolio Upgradation

Self-Grooming is something which is very important yet taught scarcely. But through E-Learning, you get to interact in the Global Village. And come across various personalities which not only helps you to groom your skill but also has an overall impact on the personality building. E-Learning maybe the little extra effort you may put into your work or passion to achieve something extraordinary. 

Obtaining Certificates

The good thing is that all of this is not virtual you can actually get certified in any field through E-Learning and most of the authentic sites providing courses from top universities from all over the world tend to do so.

Where To Learn From?

Provided below is a list of a few websites which you can visit and get courses of your choice with CERTIFICATES!

  1. Coursera -Providing a wide variety of PAID courses from top universities.
  2. LQ Toronto– A complete FREE course to learn the Arabic Language.
  3. DigiSkills – High demand Digital market courses offered FREE. Know more about Digiskills
  4. Zaras Bakeshop – Complete code to professional cooking and baking PAID.
  5. Udemy-Providing a wide variety of PAID courses
  6. lynda-Providing a wide variety of PAID courses

To Sum It All Up

E-Learning is the modern learning. It saves space, time, energy, paper, can be adjusted according to the individual’s schedule, may or may not be career-related, adds a dash of passion to the stagnant routine and it may also be just for the sake of learning for fun without certificates and all. Each day is an opportunity to learn and stand out of the crowd, utilize it well!

Do you have a lot of passion to improve your IT skills but do not have money to take a course? Worry not because all you need is a laptop and internet connection. These websites offer a number of free online courses that will help you learn latest tech skills and while you are still waiting to get recruited, you can take a free online course. This will help your Resume stand out from other potential candidates and you can land yourself a great job offer along with having your tech skills drastically improved.

So, stay on top of tech trends with these websites that offer free online courses:

1. EdX:

The courses at EdX are developed by nonprofit organizations and corporations. You can take the programs for free that include courses from renowned universities such as MIT, Harvard and The University of British Columbia. Courses comprise of interactive learning exercises, videos and online course books. This free learning website offers a forum for students to interact with one another. You will get a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

2. Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization dedicated towards offering free online courses. Courses consist of YouTube videos and online exercises. You can also access the courses on your mobile devices by downloading app for iOS and Android. The courses are available in a number of languages. This website gives you an edge to advance your career.

3. Udemy:

Udemy is for professionals who need to make time for learning from their busy work schedules. While some of the courses are offered for free at the website, there are many courses that are paid. There are regular sales that help you take courses at discounted prices. The courses comprise of videos, slides, quizzes and assignments. Udemy offers no deadlines to complete a course so, you can always finish at your pace. You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

4. Harvard Online courses:

You can take variety of courses at Harvard while some of them are free, many of the courses at Harvard are fee-based. Courses at this website are offered through online learning content providers such as HarvardX, Harvard Business School and Get Smarter. You can get a certificate upon completion of the course. The courses offer a different level of interactivity from low to high. So, you can get education from Harvard without paying hefty fee.

5. Codeacademy:

At Codeacademy, you can choose from 12 programming and mark up languages consisting of Ruby, Python, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS and Sass. The courses offer hands-on experience and real time feedback from peers. The learners of this website have been employed at IBM, Google and Facebook. Most of the free courses take less than 11 hours. You can take help from their community of advisors and graduates and get your questions answered.